Kerasys is a leading premium brand in the portfolio of one of the largest Korean cosmetic companies. AEKYUNG Industry Co., founded in Seoul in 1950 has launched Kerasys Hair Clinic System in 2002.


The exclusive Kerasys brand was created for demanding women who are looking for uniqueness and the effect of beautiful and healthy hair. The products are a combination of years of experience of Korean scientists and a fresh approach to the expectations of modern consumers around the world. Knowledge and experience have resulted in innovative shampoos for hair rich in minerals and a wealth of substances offered by nature for more than 2.000 years.


Kerasys products will make your hair more beautiful, healthier and shiny.
The unique Kerasys Perfume line will surround your hair with a unique and elegant fragrance that lasts for a long time.

As with traditional perfumes, each Kerasys Perfume bottle has a layer of top, middle and bottom fragrance, so that the aromas are long-lasting but not overwhelming.

Kerasys Perfume products have won many awards including the Global Excellence Award and the first place in the Brand Star ranking in South Korea.


The Korean beauty secret of Kerasys is now available to you.