Kerasys Salon Care
Professional line of shampoos and conditioners Salon Care

Kerasys Salon Care is a professional system of shampoos and conditioners in a new, improved formula using medical ampoules that release beneficial ingredients. The products are particularly suitable for hair that is devoid of life force, damaged, weakened or brittle.


Valuable ingredients contained in the shampoo restore natural vitality, strengthen and fill with necessary energy.


Products designed for everyday care of all hair types.


Salon Care line – professional care at home as in a hairdressing salon.

Voluming Ampoule

Intensively regenerating and revitalizing shampoo and hair conditioner.

Products recommended especially for damaged, weakened, brittle and matt hair.

Beneficial ingredients such as keratin and Moringa seed oils give the hair style volume and lightness, while moisturizing and smoothing the hair. The shampoo cleanses thoroughly, deeply nourishes hair and scalp. It gives shine to matte hair, lifts and adds volume to it, making the hairstyle more lush and flexible.

The light creamy texture of both the shampoo and the stimulant means that they do not weigh down hair but only moisturize and nourish it. After applying shampoo and conditioner, hair is more susceptible to styling and styling. Kerasys Salon Care Voluming products have a luxurious, elegant, floral fragrance.

Nutritive Ampoule

Products recommended especially for hair damaged by frequent modeling, coloured, dry, matt, brittle and not nourished.

Sunflower seed oil (a powerful antioxidant) protects hair from damage caused by UV radiation. Natural keratin and red wine polyphenols in medical ampoules, prevent hair breakage, regain strength and health..

Kerasys Salon Care Nutritive products have a beautiful rose-fruit fragrance. The light creamy texture of both the shampoo and the stimulant means that they do not burden the hair, but only moisturize and nourish it.

Straightening Ampoule

This is the best smoothing kit. Kerasys Salon Care Straightening products are especially recommended for naturally curly hair that is difficult to straighten. Once applied, the hair becomes susceptible to styling and thickening over its entire length.

Moring’s seed proteins help to renew the hair structure, keratin accelerates regeneration and reduces its fragility, and the amino acid complex makes the hair pleasant to the touch.

The light creamy texture of both shampoo and conditioner ensures that the hair is not burdened, and certainly deeply moisturized.