According to Asian philosophy, a well-groomed woman should have healthy and shiny hair.This is a dream of each of us, regardless of age and country we come from.
In autumn and winter, when weather conditions force us to cover our heads and heating in homes dries them out, we need support in the form of appropriate care products. In order to bring out the natural beauty of our hair it is necessary to treat it to intensive regeneration. If you want to enjoy beautiful and shiny hair, try the Korean beauty ritual.

Asian women love to take care of themselves and spend a lot of time caring for their skin and hair. The most important thing in approaching cosmetics is prevention, not covering up imperfections. Beautiful appearance of hair and good condition of the scalp are extremely important for them. According to Asian philosophy, the most important thing is proper care of the scalp, and if it is well cared for, the hair will shine with its true beauty.


In Asia, it is believed that just as we wash the whole body every day, we should approach skin care in the same way. Greasy hair and impurities on the scalp clog the pores, causing more stress on the hair roots. Then they don’t get enough nutrients to grow. This can also cause hair to become greasy and fall out. The scalp becomes red and irritated.
The aim of proper care is to improve the condition of the scalp, its blood supply, and thus revitalize hair roots.
During daily hair washing, the scalp should be gently massaged to stimulate better blood circulation, which will also make the hair clean, fresh, light and fluffy.


According to Asian rules, hair should be washed as often as it is needed (even every day). The general principle of Asian hair care is to apply shampoo only to the scalp, and the foam that is formed during washing will also clean the hair. However, we use conditioners and rinses only on the hair.


It is extremely important to choose the right hair and scalp care products.
Due to various needs and requirements we can choose from a wide range of shampoos:
• regenerating and revitalizing shampoos,
• moisturizing and shining,
• deeply nourishing,
• for the care of irritated scalp,
• to hair with problems (oily, prone to dandruff or falling out).


Applying too much shampoo, contrary to appearances, does not have a positive effect on the condition and appearance of hair, and can lead to dry scalp. Hair can become electrified and frizzy. If you want to treat your scalp as well as possible, wash it twice, but with a small amount of shampoo.
Original Korean Kerasys shampoos are very effective, have a delicate creamy texture and just apply a small amount to achieve the desired effect.


Multi-step Asian hair care suggests applying a conditioner, rinse or serum to your hair after washing your scalp. The conditioner is applied only to the hair, to dry and split ends. It is best to apply it to towel-dried hair, not from the roots but down from the ear-line.