Perfume Line


Kerasys Perfume Line
The line of perfumed shampoos





The Kerasys Perfume line is a luxury aromatic hair care set.
The ingredients in shampoos and conditioners intensively nourish, repair damage and regenerate hair,
giving them an extra splendid glow.
The products stimulate the senses with the incredible smell of real perfume and leave their mark on the hair for the same long time.

Available in 5 different fragrance notes.

Products designed for everyday care of all hair types.


Linia Kerasys

Elegance & Sensual

The products nourish, regenerate and smooth the entire length of the hair.

They contain Ylang Ylang and Jacinta flower extracts and Shea butter for dry, brittle and weak hair. It moisturizes, smoothest and brightens hair.

Linia Kerasys

Blooming & flowery

The products nourish, strengthen and smooth the hair.

They contain Lily Flower Extract and Damascus Rose Hydrolat, which restores the natural balance of the scalp, moisturizes hair, gives it softness and shine.

Linia Kerasys

Pure & Charming

The products intensively moisturize, nourish and smooth the hair. They contain extracts from the flowers of Gardenia, Lily and coconut oil, which will turn dry and brittle hair into shiny, elastic and well moisturized. Hair will be smoothed and regenerated, and intensive hydration will make it silky, strong and healthy.

Linia kerasys

Lovely & Romantic

The products intensively nourish, repair damage and regenerate hair. Extracts from Daisy, Basil, Jasmine and Magnolia flowers, as well as glycerin help smooth hair. Beneficial nourishing ingredients take care of both the hair and scalp. The products stimulate the senses with the incredible and elegant scent of perfume.

Linia Kerasys

Glam & Stylish

Produkty regenerują, wzmacniają i wygładzają włosy na całej ich długości.

Zawierają ekstrakt z kwiatów Rumianku, który nawilża włosy i nadaje im blask.

Olej arganowy bogaty w Witaminę E pomaga zachować równowagę skóry głowy i cebulek. Szampon z olejem arganowym doskonale regeneruje i odżywia włosy farbowane, zniszczone, przesuszone, a także pozbawione życia i naturalnego blasku.